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Welcome to Hannah's IPL & Laser Clinic where our aim is to restore your natural beauty and your confidence through the use of the most advanced equipment and products available. Let us help you achieve the skin you have always deserved.

The core services include the following

• Skin Rejuvenation
• Acne Rejuvenation
• Thread & Spider Vein Removal
• IPL Hair Removal
• Laser Tattoo Removal or Reduction
• Semi Permanent Makeup Reduction

IPL Hair Removal Treatment

Unwanted body hair can be easily removed using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment from Hannah's IPL & Laser Clinic.

IPL treatment has become a vastly preferred alternative to shaving or waxing, which can be painful or leave irritation, and offer only temporary solutions at best.

Excess hair may also be the result of medical conditions, but the pressure to remove it may be cosmetic. Cultural norms and peer group pressure often require the removal of hair in certain regions such as the face, axillae (armpits), legs and bikini line for women and the chest and back for men.

We use the latest technology that is suitable for most skin types and all areas of the face and body.

At least 6-8 treatments are needed to get the best results and the intervals between treatments are typically 1-3 months so please get in touch with Hannah's IPL & Laser Clinic to book your free consultation, and subject to our mandatory patch test, you could being removing those unwanted patches of hair in a just a couple of days from now.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Ok so you've got a bad tattoo, there is no shame in admitting it. Maybe you went to a tattoo salon that wasn't quite what you expected, maybe it was a drunken mistake in your youth or the fact you no longer "love Janine" and need her name taken off your arm!   Well please don't worry because at Hannah's IPL & Laser Clinic, we operate the very latest in laser removal technology for guaranteed results that are painless, non-aggressive and affordable.

We can remove all colours of tattoos and our laser technology is suitable for all skin types. Clients will see a reduction after the first treatment however to completely remove a tattoo depending on the ink colour and how deep it is in the skin, it could be between 3-5 treatments with intervals of 6 weeks between treatments. In some clients this more sessions may be necessary for complete removal. You will begin to see results immediately after your first treatment.

Although there is a risk of scarring with any laser, in most cases, scarring is not a significant risk for tattoo removal with us because of the technology we use. The first generations of Laser tattoo removal were prone to scarring because they were too aggressive but now technology has progressed rapidly and in most cases, your tattoo can be removed with no lasting tissue scars or marks, as if Janine never existed!

So does it actually hurt?  The pain differs from person to person and your individual pain threshold, some people liken it to an elastic band snapping on their skin but most people just feel a mild heat sensation.

All Tattoo removals are subject to consultation and a skin patch test before treatment commences.

Carbon Laser Facials

The Carbon Laser Facial is a laser procedure for enhancing the skin's radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. It helps to reduce imperfections like enlarged pores and acne, which originate from the outer skin layer.

This is a non-surgical procedure also known as carbon skin rejuvenation. It is a two stage process which freshens the complexion by removing the outer layers of dead skin cells from your face. It gradually reduces pore size and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. White heads and black heads are also often removed by this technique. Removing the dead skin layers also allows your moisturiser to work more effectively at home.

A course of 6 treatments is required but you will see results after just one treatment. We advise you to have a treatment once per month and further treatments or top-up treatments may be required depending on your lifestyle and skin care routine. This is a pain-free treatment and at worst you will feel a slight tingling sensation but most of our clients actually find this sensation quite pleasant!

Please note that Carbon Laser facials are not suitable for all skin types but please take advantage of our free consultation where we can accurately assess your skin and carry out a patch test for any adverse reactions.


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Im over the moon with my decision to have my tattoo removed, very friendly extremely clean and very well explained, would highly recommend to any person wanting this treatment.

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Hannah is such a lovely lady and so talented I could not recommend her enough. 5 star services alway thank you.

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I had my first session of laser tattoo removal today and Hannah was fantastic, she filled me in with all the info I needed to know about what was going to happen and the after care needed. Overall just made the experience more relaxed and very professional.